Entwined on rumpled sheets, spent passion reignites.

Hungry eyes... lure greedy lips. Insatiable, I break the kiss.

Lips nuzzle one velvety earlobe. Tortuously light kisses trail down your tender neck, roaming sensitized skin... to find, and lave, and suck each tasty nub. You shudder.

Content, I continue my loving assault... nipping southward...

Teasing you with feathery nibbling kisses, your response urges me on. Savoring you slowly, rapidly feasting faster... you gasp. Devouring you ravenously... you arch... and pant. Blissful passionate rapture leaves you boneless.

Dewy beads on moist skin. Tiny rivulets dripping in the darkness.

Breathlessly whispering, "I love you."

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