Matching Camisole

Your roving hand touring my tender tingling bottom, I sigh. Caressing slowly under my sheer lace tap pants. New, bought just for tonight. The spaghetti strap of my new matching camisole, slipping off one silky shoulder. Warm lap beneath me. I was a naughty good girl just for you. You promised this tonight.

Delicious stingy swats following dreamy wanton strokes... there. Heavenly pleasure and pain. Unite.

You whisper, "Is my naughty, sweet girl gonna be, oh, so good for me tonight?"

Peeling away delicate gossamer lace... down creamy firm thighs. Luscious sweet sensation.

"And if I'm not, what then?"


  1. Damn Lady... Smokin' fun Drabble. Keep it up (no pun intended). Thanks for sharing. ~Chris

  2. You paint a vivid picture, Jill. But "what then?"